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Joe Towne

Joe Towne was raised in New York and has a BA from The University of Southern California where he studied theatre and psychology.  While attending USC Joe received an acting scholarship and was an Irene Ryan Acting nominee.

Joe moved to New York after graduation and began studying with June Stein (Stella Adler) and Carol Fox Prescott (AADA, The Basement Space.) While in NY Joe also studied improvisation from Gary Austin (creator/original director of the Groundlings) and it was Gary who helped him get his first agent after relocating to Los Angeles.

Joe booked Guest Star roles on The Practice and Providence immediately after moving to Los Angeles. He continued to do theatre, traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for several seasons and performed at the French American Festival for the Arts at the Pierre Cardin Theatre in Paris. Joe was an original cast member and eventually a director of the cult-hit The Star Wars Trilogy in 30 minutes for nine years which allowed him to tour the US and Europe. He performed at Star Wars conventions and also at Skywalker Ranch/ILM in Marin County before stepping into a run at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles.

Joe has gone onto guest star roles on ABC, NBC, CW, FOX and Showtime. He has also done a pilot for an original series on Hulu.

Joe worked on several 20th Century Fox feature films including: Garfield & Garfield2 Alvin and The Chipmunks and The Omen. He has worked opposite Hillary Swank and Scott Glenn in Freedom Writers for Paramount. You may also recognize Joe from a myriad of commercials, independent films or from his award-winning web series Friends In Therapy. Most recently Joe has a recurring role on CW’s Significant Mother and he can be seen in The Burn Trials which has garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Joe currently studies with both Warner Loughlin in her Master Class and in Deborah Aquila in her Master Class with John Hindman at Aquila/Morong studios.